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Sarah's feeling some home comfort this weekend + A funky sangria from Christian

Our September Menu has launched this week! Come see some of the new cocktails that the fabulous Lyndsey has crafted up!

Christian added a new wild dish to the menu, AFRICAN SPICE NOODLES. Featuring Egyptian spices that he loves to use to celebrate his heritage and some Mozambican spices he learned from Mama B when he lived with her.

Specials this weekend 9/8 + 9/9

Soup. Butternut Beer Cheddar Board. Autumn Picnic Basket Smoked Turkey Breast | Roast Beef | Crackers | Blueberry Goat Cheese | Apple Hummus | Fresh Berries | Cheddar | Smoked Gouda | 16 per person

This is the picnic basket Sarah would pack on the last outing of the year for her family. Meal. Pepper Steak- Sarah's Mom's Recipe Hand Sliced Steak | Stewed Tomato Sauce | Peppers | Onions | Over Mashed | Zucchini | Squash | 23

Sarah learned to cook this dish from her mom, the way her dad liked it.

Dessert. Tiramisu Bar. Red Delicious Sangria Red Wine | Crown Apple | Apple Cider | Cinnamon | Cranberry Juice | Black Cherry Nectar | Red Delicious Apple Syrup | 13 Tap. Strawberry Shake Foundation Brewing Co. | Sour Ale Spinnaker Rising Tide Brewing Co. | Hefeweizen Autumn Ale Woodstock Brewery | Apple & Cinnamon Season of the Witch True North Ale Co. | New England IPA

Live. Luke Ijams

Saturday @ 7

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