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About The Vault

The Vault is inspired by the flavors of the world and the zest that each individual soul brings to the table.

Christian and Luke decided to open The Vault after their mutual love for culinary excellence and music inspired them away from their corporate backgrounds and towards building a home in the heart of Gorham for locals and travelers alike to come together and enjoy an evening of world comfort food fusion, artisanal elixirs, and funky, not fancy meals and memories. 

Executive Chef Sarah Leon joins Christian and Luke in the leadership of creative development in our kitchen. Sarah's background in diverse flavor makes her a perfect "Executioner in Chief" for The Vault. Sarah brings a classic culinary background that pairs with Luke's palate for comfort food and Christian's desire to explore the world with his taste buds. As a team, they proudly present you our seasonal menus and Chef's specials.

With nightly specials, a wide array of tastes, and fusion that really means FUSION, The Vault serves Gorham, NH with hometown pride. 

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